Some of the best coaches in the area are CTC members--and you have access to all of them.

These experienced coaches help lead CTC training sessions, but if you want one of these coaches to help you create a personalized training & racing plan, contact them for more info:


Coach Mike Stout -- Full Potential Fitness and Endurance Coaching

During my 23 years in the U.S. Army, I developed a passion for health and fitness as I physically prepared men and women for service to our country. Working with athletes from all walks of life, at different fitness levels, provided me the opportunity to develop an athlete-centered and results-driven training philosophy.

After retiring as a Command Sergeant Major, I continued to pursue my passion for coaching and helping athletes reach their goals. I opened a functional fitness facility in Georgia that focused on athletes reaching total body fitness through innovative training.  Programming incorporated cardiovascular activities, strength and conditioning, injury prevention techniques, nutritional counseling, and technical coaching.

Throughout this time, I continued to pursue my own personal fitness goals that included the Bataan Memorial Death March (heavy division), multiple ultra, marathon, and half marathon races, endurance/ obstacle course racing, triathlons, and duathlons.

As an athlete and a coach, I know how important it is to have a balance with your sport, your family, and life. I will work diligently with you to establish that balance and achieve your goals.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports and Health Sciences
US Army Master Fitness Trainer
USAT Level I Certified Coach
IRONMAN Certified Coach
USA Cycling Level III Certified Coach
Level 2- STRYD Certified Coach (Running with Power)
2019, 2020, 2021 Ironman All World Athlete (Silver-Top 5% of age group)
American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
SafeSport Certified





Coach Tamara Kozulina -- CTS Coaching

“The principal idea of my coaching philosophy is to focus on an individual approach. Each athlete has his/her own needs, strengths, and weaknesses, which must be taken into account when planning the training process. I believe in efficiency, smart training, and balance. My goal as a coach is to help athletes get the most out of their training so they can reach new levels and achieve their goals.”
Coaching Bio:
Before becoming a coach I was a professional triathlete for over 20 years. Competing in over 20 Ironman races, including Ironman Hawaii, World Championship, over 40 Ironman 70.3, and long-distance races all around the world. In 2004 I won ITU Long Distance Triathlon in Sweden. I was multiple times runner up including Ironman Florida, Ironman Austria, and Ironman Wisconsin. As well as a bronze medalist at Powerman World Championship in Zofingen.

After a long career as a competitive athlete and with a degree from the University of Science of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine. I started to coach athletes and helped them to get ready and be at their best for multiple races.

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached:
  • Silver medalist of ITU Duathlon World Championship
  • Age group Winner of the Abu Dhabi Triathlon.
  • Top 5 in category PRO Ironman Copenhagen
  • Age group winner Challenge Daytona 70.3
  • Ironman 70.3 Augusta
  • Ironman New Zealand
  • Ironman Nice
  • Ironman Cozumel
  • Ironman 70.3 Haincity
  • St. Anthony’s Triathlon
  • Gasparilla Half marathon






Coach Scott Mairose -- Lake Gators Swim Club

I developed my love of swimming at a young age and started swimming competitively at the age of 4.  I started swimming year-round my freshman year of high school and held National Records in the 15-16 and 17-18 age groups while swimming for Swim Atlanta.   I went on to swim for the University of Georgia until a shoulder injury sidelined my ability to swim competitively or for fitness for over 25 years.  I always felt I left something unfinished with swimming but dislocating both shoulders monthly for 25 years while sleeping, reaching for the remote, or moving the wrong way put a damper on my dreams, until now.

I spent those 25 years searching internally.  While many focus on the mechanics and stats, I focused on the mind.  I created and taught training programs on how to live a happy and healthy life, how to overcome fear and stress, and conquering the mental side of golf.  I achieved a brown belt in Shaolin Kung-fu, learned 10 different forms of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, and read everything I could on how to heal myself and break mental barriers.  I healed my shoulders without surgery, moved to Clermont and found US Masters Swimming and the Clermont Triathlon Club.  My dreams finally started to come to fruition.

I firmly believe our mind is the most powerful tool we have.  We measure everything about our workouts, but we don’t measure the most impactful thing:  our thoughts.   The difference between an Olympic level athlete and the rest of us is not how hard they train or their natural talent, but what they say to themselves, what they believe while training and all day long.  I know because I was on the wrong side of that equation and watched my training partners go on to win gold.

I am a level 2 US Masters Certified Coach and Adult Learn to Swim Instructor, but more importantly, I am passionate about helping others better themselves.





Coach Robin Sandos -- VIP Tri-Training

Whether you have a goal to do your first or tenth + sprint, Olympic, half ironman, or full ironman event, VIP Tri-Training will work with you to design a customized training plan to help you reach and conquer your goals.

Robin L. Sandos is the owner and head coach of VIP Tri-Training. She has been a multi-sport coach for the past 11 years.  Robin was a professional triathlete from 2012 to 2015 and has been racing in the sport of triathlon for over 30 years.  She has raced in sprint, Olympic, half ironman’s and full ironman events including nationals and ITU World Championship events. She has been awarded both the USA ALL AMERICAN Triathlete and USA ALL AMERICAN Masters Swimmer recognition for her success in these fields.

Education & Achievements:

  • Keiser University 2019 – present
  • Exercise Sports Science Mgmt - 3.95 GPA
  • USA All American Aquabike athlete & All-American Triathlete in 2018
  • ITU Long Distance Aquabike World Champion in age group in 2018
  • USA All American Triathlete & All-American Swimmer 2011, 2014, 2015, & 2016
  • USAT Professional Triathlete • 2012 - 2015
  • Raced in sprint, olympic, half ironman and full ironman events. Podiumed in many races.
  • USAT Elite Age Group Athlete 2016 – 2018
  • 4th Place over all the females in the USAT Long Distance Triathlon National Championships in Nov. 2016
  • 4th Place over all the females in the ITU World Long Distance Aquabike Championships in Aug. 2017
  • Junior Elite Triathlete and Duathlete • 1992-1998

Competed in Ironkids triathlons, sprint triathlons, olympic triathlons, national and regional duathlon and triathlon championships and ITU World Duathlon Championships, accepted to and attended the USAT Junior Olympic Triathlon Training Camp in Roswell, NM at the age of 14.




Coach Rebecca Marsh -- FR Racing 

I am the Founder of FR Racing, which specializes in personalized and group training programs.  I am a triathlon coach with a master's degree in Physical Fitness from the University of South Florida and a bachelor's degree from Florida Southern College. I competed for my high school track, cross country, swim, and basketball teams and was a runner for FSC's women's cross-country team, where I was in the first-place all-conference team my entire 4 years.  I am a Category 2 Cyclist racing for FR Racing Multisport Training doing time trials and focusing on the Pro National Time Trial, Masters National Time Trial, and, during the off-season with a new found love doing ultra cycling as well.  I have fun doing triathlons, duathlons, and running races.

My accomplishments  include:
~ 1998 - 2001 Junior US Duathlon/Triathlon teams.  Placing 3rd in 1999 for the 20-24 US  Duathlon team
~ 2003 - 2005 Category 2 cyclist with the Orlando Road Club 
traveling all over the country
~ 2003 - 2012 Head Track and XC Coach at Lakeland High School, excluding 2008 where I coached at FSC
~ Coached for the Orlando Road Club for 4 years which included coaching junior athletes

~ 2011 Established Faith Runners coaching
~ 2013 Established FR Racing: Multi-sport Training Club

~ 2011 - Present Coaching runners, cyclists, and triathletes, from the beginner to the Ironman
~ 2003 - Present Level 2 USA Cycling Coach
~ 2015 - Certified Ironman Coach
~2014 - Masters National TT Championships 5th place
~2017 - Masters State Road Race Champion​​
~2018 - NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist​
~2018 - ASCA Certified Stroke Technician​

~2019 - Florida State Time Trial Champion
~2020 - 12 hour Sebring 1st place with 229 miles
~2020 - Polytechnic Time Trial Series Champion
~2020 - Florida State Time Trial Champion





Coach Sharon Gallant -- I Defy Coaching

Supporting women in their desire to dream, live and tri boldly.

I am a driver of change, advocate, champion of women and girls, athlete, coach, dream pursuer and supporter and doer of epic things. 

I started I Defy to create a space dedicated to helping women achieve their athletic goals. I want my clients to achieve the moment of realization that they just did the thing they were not entirely sure they could do; and I want them to achieve this moment over and over again as they dream bigger and reach for more. 

As an endurance athlete I understand what it means to dream big and how to turn those big dreams into reality. I understand the immense mental and physical commitment required to pursue race goals and the struggle to find the ever elusive work-life balance. I know what it feels like to experience disappointment in a training session or race and I also know the euphoria of approaching the finish line having just successfully executed my race plan. My racing experience includes 9 Ironman finishes, including the World Championships in Hawaii, with 4 Ironman finishes under 10:30 and 8 under 11:00, over 50 half and full distance events with numerous overall and age group victories, multiple sub 3:10 marathon and sub 1:28 half marathon finishes. To be continued…. 

I have been coaching formally and informally for more than 20 years. My coaching experience includes working with physically impaired track and field youth with the Burlington Disabled Sports Association, working with cross country running athletes at Brock University, working with 100+ female coaches as the founder of Fit Active Beautiful Foundation, passionately sharing my knowledge and experience as a speaker with numerous community groups and starting I defy as a USAT Level 1 certified coach.





Coach Cindi Wood -- Lake Gators Swim Club

Swimming changed my entire life. I became a class 3 Certified coach--soon to be Class 4. I swam with Olympians and won top 10 swim relay team! I competed in the Pan American games and many other competitions. I still wanted more. I want everyone to dip their toes into the water. I want every adult who’s afraid of the water to challenge themselves, believe in themselves.. And trust what you can do. With a team anything is possible. I want people to love the water as much as I do.  This passion led to the formation of a not-for-profit swim club--Lake Gators Swim Club.





Coach Betsy Langan -- Full Potential Fitness Coaching

I discovered the transformational power of fitness later in life, when running became a substitute after-work stress-management activity after I quit drinking alcohol in 2009. Soon I was hooked on the sport, and completed 4 marathons within my first couple of years running. Cycling, swimming and strength training followed shortly thereafter.

The multisport community introduced me not only to physical well-being, but to a way of life that includes dedication, commitment and balance. It connected me to others who are goal-oriented and strive to be their best.
In over a decade in sport, I have completed over 50 USA Triathlon-sanctioned events, and countless single-sport races including century rides, 1 and 2-mile open water swims, 5ks to 26.2 mile runs. I am a 3 time full-distance IRONMAN finisher, twice finishing in the top 10% of my Age Group.

As a USAT Level 1 Coach, I specialize in working with newcomers, women and masters’ athletes. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I value the mental and emotional benefits of fitness, and I use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach in sport. I work together with my athletes to develop a training plan that fosters athletic growth, while honoring important life commitments such as work and family.





Coach Gabrielle Suver -- FR Racing 

I am an assistant coach with FR Racing and work with Rebecca Marsh where I specialize in analyses services to help correct and improve running and swimming form. I come from a collegiate running background, raced bikes collegiately, swam as cross training during college, and currently focus on racing triathlon and duathlon. I was also able to swim on a recreational swim team for a little while after college, became a USA Swimming certified Coach, coached a club youth swim team for the city of Mt Dora for about 3 years, have coached high school track & cross country, and worked at the YMCA for 8 years (as a wellness coach, lifeguard, tri coach, group ex instructor, etc). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, am a USA Triathlon level 1 certified Coach, AFAA Personal Trainer & Group Exercise certified, and ASEP Track & Field Coach.


  • 2 x Ironman 70.3 Gold All World Athlete: ranked #10 in USA & 37th internationally 2019

  • USAT All-American

  • Ranked #1 in USA for Duathlon AG25-29 in 2019 & qualified for elite license

  • Professional Duathlete 2019-current

  • 1st OA Female Champion for the USA Triathlon Long Course Florida Regional Championships 70.3 2017

  • 3 x Florida Time Trial State Champion (cat 4 & age group)

  • 2 x Ironman 70.3 World championships finisher





Coach Jeff Schmelz -- Jeff Schmelz Fitness - Personal Training & Coaching


Jeff grew up on the east coast in an athletic family—both of his parents were swimming coaches—and he became actively involved in exercise and athletics. Due to a series of injuries, Jeff became interested in alternative ways to train/work out that allowed him to be as fit as possible with the least risk of injury.

Like so many people, Jeff had trouble maintaining his exercise and healthy eating during his college years, and he gained a great deal of weight. When he completed his degree in Biology at Virginia Tech in May 1993, he weighed more than 350 pounds. Severely frustrated and depressed, Jeff moved to Chicago to attend graduate school. With the help of members of the faculty and staff at Chicago State University, he simultaneously lost more than 100 pounds and earned a masters degree in Applied Physiology. And with the weight loss, Jeff regained his energy, eliminated his joint pain, and eliminated all of the medications he had been taking.

Jeff says, “While I was getting fit, I learned that it is not always how hard you work, but how smart you work that makes a difference! Today, I am currently 200 pounds and am more active in athletics than ever before. I have run several marathons, bicycled across the country, completed numerous triathlons, and even finished a couple of adventure challenges. I still have days where my body feels a bit worse for wear, but all in all I feel better now than I have at any point in my life and my goal is to teach others to feel that way too."


Challenge Cedar Point - 2015

Ironman Wisconsin - 2013
Ironman Cozumel - 2011
Rev3 Cedar Point Full - 2010

Marathon Finisher: 36 times

Biked Across the Country – 1998, 2000

Services Offered – Personal Training, Run Coaching, Tri Coaching