Long Run with Chris

September 3, 2022 @ 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Lake Hiawatha Preserve

Join Chris Wedge for a long run that includes Clermont parkrun 5k.

Join Chris Wedge for a long run.  Meet INSIDE Hiawatha Park at the bathroom stairs/playground.
2 loops on the park trail (about 3 miles) then parkrun (race it or “tempo” it), then another 2 Hiawatha loops.  About 10 miles in total.  The post-parkrun loops will start at 8am.

Cold Water in a cooler will be provided at the bathroom stairs/playground.  Trail-loop Pace will be led between 9-10 minutes per mile.
In case anyone is wondering, it will be extremely hot and humid so bring your own hydration and electrolytes as necessary… plenty of caffeine, calories, and positive vibes too!

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